Audio conference in English

↓Serge Tarassenko, an outstanding speaker, enlightens us on essential themes of faith, prayer, fasting, Love, good and evil, Man, Resurrection,… of course with Jesus and the Cross in the foreground.
He questions all the ready-made thoughts, the canons, the habits. His creativity opens new doors for us, through this mission he is « the light of the world » of which Jesus speaks.

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Here are the recordings we managed to find.

Elim Church Waterside Poole (UK)


1 feb. 2009

"Jesus Christ Revealed"

7 jun. 2009

"Who are we ?"

15 nov. 2009

"The woman"

21 feb. 2010

"True Faith"

16 may 2010

"The Holy Communion"

18 jul. 2010

"Spiritual Wisdom"

13 feb. 2011

"The Invisible"

10 apr. 2011

"Trials and Sufferings"

31 jul. 2011